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Copyright © 1997 The Bible League
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The New Testament in the Imbo Ungu Language of Papua New Guinea

Nupela Testamen long tokples Imbo Ungu long Niugini

Goteni maina imboma konopu paa pulumu mondopalie imboma kombu kerina naa pungo, waliwalima molko kondoko kau pangei nimbe yunge malo tendekumu kau molorumu nalo akumu maina imboma tirimu. Imboreni Yu ipuki timo lemo kombu kerina naa pumbe waliwalima molopa kondopa kau pumbelo.

—John 3:16


The New Testament in the Imbo Ungu Language of Papua New Guinea

Nupela Testamen long tokples Imbo Ungu long Niugini

Copyright © 1997 The Bible League
Language: Imbo Ungu
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