Tupàn ze'eg

Guajajára Bible

Language: [gub]GuajajáraGuajajára
Title:Tupàn ze'egGuajajára Bible
Abbreviation:gubBIID: GUBWBT or gubBl
Copyright © 2007 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
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Bible without Deuterocanon in Guajajára (BR:gub:Guajajára)

Ta'e Tupàn uzamutar katu tuwe teko ywy rehe har paw a'e wà xe. A'e rupi umur kar wa'yr ko ywy rehe a'e. Pitài zo ta'yr. (Ihe aiko ta'yr romo ihe.) Aze teko uzeruzar ta'yr rehe wà nehe, Tupàn nuzepyk kwaw wanehe nehe. A'e teko wiko putar tuweharupi (Tupàn pyr) wà nehe (tatahu pe oho 'ym pà wà nehe).

—John 3:16

Tupàn ze'eg

Bible without Deuterocanon in Guajajára (BR:gub:Guajajára)

Copyright © 2007 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Language: Guajajára
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Guajajára [gub], Brazil

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The Bible without Deuterocanon
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