Kasulatan to Magboboot

Ata Manobo NT

Language: [atd]Manobo, AtaManobo, Ata
Title:Kasulatan to MagbobootAta Manobo NT
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New Testament in Manobo, Ata

“Sikan su imbogoy to Magboboot ka bugtung no Anak din to ogkamatoy oyow kandin on ka oglipuas to salo to mgo otow su dakol lagboy so goinawa rin to tibo no mgo otow kai to soin no kalibutan. Agad hontow, no ogtuu kandin, kono ogkamatoy ka sikan no otow, ogkootawan do no waro katamanan dio to Magboboot.

—John 3:16

Kasulatan to Magboboot

New Testament in Manobo, Ata

Copyright © 2000 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Language: Manobo, Ata
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The New Testament
in Manobo, Ata